This game is not for free but it is worth it to buy, especially for creative people.

I play minecraft since 2014. I have already built a lot, tested, played minions and killed monsters. At first I could not build well, but I had a lot of fun. I looked at tutorials on youtube, tried a lot with techniques and became better and better. I like to build fantasy or steampunk. Something which goes beyond the Middle Ages. I prefer to build roofs. Roofs can be different shapes and make on a house very much.
Ilike to build and admire the buildings of other players. I also like to give advice. Pvp never liked me, but this is not minecraft. Who likes pvp will surely find his fun. On the server where I play is rather quiet too. Few but very nice and helpful user, a good plugin and antigraph system as well as the best admins there is.

My skin I designed myself. There are some editors in the internet which make it easy for everyone to design their own skin. I tried a lot, was a fox, penguin and firefighter. But at some point I always wanted something new. Then I created the dog. A white, sweet dog with brown orange spots. Looks quite cute. To christmas 2016 I had my skin dressed as a scarf and then came slowly the desire to design different costumes for this cute dog. Today my skin is wearing a blue dungarees because I liked this because of my passion for wheat fields.

You know planetminecraft i’ve build some cool stuff as schematic for download. You can see it a here.
Lobbysigns, boats and many houses can you download there for your map or your server. I have given myself a lot of effort.

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