Hello & Welcome to my Website!

Here on this site I’ll show you some of my gaming world.

I’m 25 years old and I’m from Germany. I spend the most time with playing on my PC or on my new PS4.

I like to explore virtual worlds and take wonderful screenshots. It is an art of virtual photography to capture landscapes and characters in video games. The graphics of the games that have appeared in recent years are, in part, so stunning. I think that’s really nice.

I like to play MMORPGS and adventure games. May some of you know me as Villynerk or Piikunu.

I tried myself on YouTube and did some test let’s plays but I actually like it more just to post some screenshots of my games.

I’ve also already tested and played some other games but I can surely say I don’t like shooter that much.

What does “Villynerk” mean?

Villynerk is one of my characters in AioN. AioN is home to many crazy beings. One of them is the Shugos. Shugos are usually in the form of an NPC, commercial agent, express mailman, etc. The names of the Shugos usually end in ‘nerk’ or ‘kiki’. I found these things so sweet that I really wanted to be a shugo too. Although my character could not look like that, the main thing was that the name was perfect. I liked the name so much that I called myself that in all other games.

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